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Cat Country Cat Litter

Cat Country is an organic cat litter, different from other available brands, made from compressed wheat straw. This produces a totally biodegradable and eco friendly cat litter pellet, which easily disposed of in a garden compost heap or green council bin. Making it the perfect cat litter for any professional use.

The plant fibres used in Cat Country are from a rapidly renewable source of wheat straw. Chosen for its extraordinary absorption qualities and all natural odour control, the pelleted plant fibres break the chemical bonds of ammonia in cat urine, the primary culprit in litter box odour, and remove nasty smells, naturally. The result is a fresh smell of wheat!

When Cat Country is produced, the wheat straw fibres are screened, soaked in water and then extruded into specially designed pellets which will not become trapped in a cat's toes or fur, thus minimising litter tray spread. The clumping ability of Cat Country stops tracking of dust unlike wood based and grass based kitty litters.

The Cat Country pellets are sterilised during the final drying phase of production, killing all fungi, spores and microbes. The finished pellet is then packed in fully biodegradable, yet strong, 10 kg paper bags bags.

In the past, cat litters have been produced from mined minerals, wood, paper or silicon, with huge production lines needed to refine the base product into its final saleable state. Cat Country is a totally differnt, "green", cellulose based cat litter and shows an exciting new development in cat litter production. Cat Country has plenty to offer the cattery owner with minimal impact to the environment. 

Using Cat Country not only offers a healthier, safer choice for your cattery; it offers a healthier, safer choice for our great planet. If we can push this message to the corporate decision makers then hopefully we can empower change on a Global level.

Our policy at Natural Litter Products is to provide safe and healthy animal litters for people, pets and our earth, using only naturally occurring materials without the use of chemicals, synthetics or perfumes;

Responsible Ethical Sustainable

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